Canada GDP Growth Rate YoY

In Canada, services account for more than 70 percent of GDP. Within services the most important are: finance, insurance, real estate, rental and leasing and management of companies and enterprises (21 percent of total GDP); retail and wholesale trade (12 percent), health (8 percent) and public administration (6 percent). Manufacturing accounts for 13 percent of the output and construction for 6 percent. Mining and oil and gas extraction constitute only 4 percent of GDP, yet Canada is a net exporter of energy. Finally, agriculture, forestry, fishing and hunting account for 2 percent of output. On the expenditure side, household consumption is the main component of GDP and accounts for 58 percent of its total use, followed by gross fixed capital formation (22 percent) and government expenditure (19 percent). Exports of goods and services account for 32 percent of GDP while imports account for 33 percent, subtracting 1 percent of total GDP. Non-profit institutions serving households' final consumption expenditure and investment in inventories account for the remaining 2 percent.

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