Japan Exports YoY

Exports of high technology products have been the engine of Japan's economic growth since 1960. Exports account for around 19 percent of total GDP. In 2019 exports fell 5.6 percent from the previous year's record high amid global trade tensions. Main exports were: transport equipment (24 percent of total exports), with motor vehicles accounting for 16 percent; machinery (20 percent) on the back of power generating machine and semicon machinery; electrical machinery (17 percent), such as semiconductors, IC and electrical apparatus; chemicals (11 percent), mainly plastic materials and organic chemicals; and manufactured goods (11 percent), such as iron and steel products, nonferrous metals and manufactures of metals. Japan's main export partners were the US (20 percent), China (19 percent), the EU (12 percent) in particular Germany (3 percent), South Korea (7 percent), Taiwan (6 percent), Hong Kong (5 percent), and Thailand (4 percent).

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