Trading Glossary

Take a look at our list of the financial terms associated with trading and the markets.

A wallet used to manage virtual currency, similar to a bank account used by the general public. The wallet has a public address and a private key, through which users can receive and transfer transactions. The virtual currency is not physically kept in the wallet, the transaction behavior of the virtual currency is recorded in the blockchain, the user validates the transaction in the wallet via the use of the private key. 

Wash Trading

Wash trading refers to trading securities as both a buyer and a seller for the trader himself, such as buying his own pending sell orders. Some of the purposes are to create the illusion of the hot trading network of the securities, some are to carry out the transfer of benefits under the table, and some are to avoid the taxation of the current year.  

Weak Shorts

Refers to the bearish market trader or investor who observes that the price has strengthened slightly, and then rushes to close the short position in his hand. Generally, this situation occurs because its financial strength is low and it cannot bear greater risks, so the time to enter and exit cannot be extended. 


A type of convergent relay pattern, similar to the triangle convergence pattern. It is composed of two lines, connecting the high point of the candlestick and the low point of the candlestick, forming two trend lines. Generally, the breakout wedge is used as a reversal signal, such as the rising wedge crossing the support trend line, which is a bearish signal; The breaking of the resistance trend line on the descending wedge is a bullish signal. 

Weighted Moving Average

A kind of moving average, compared to the simple moving average and exponential moving average, gives higher weight to the recent price changes, so the movement of the moving average will be closer to the current price trend. The advantage is that when the price changes recently, the moving average value can react quickly, and the disadvantage is that when the price trend is sideways, it can cause false signals. 

West Texas Intermediate

It is a benchmark price commonly used in the international oil market and is also the subject matter of the oil futures contract of the New York Mercantile Exchange. All crude oil produced in or sold in the United States is based on the light and low-sulfur WTI as the benchmark oil. The other two more important oil markets are Brent crude oil and Dubai crude oil.  

Westpac Leading Index

One of the economic indicators is jointly published by Westpac Australia and the Melbourne Institute to track the activity of Australia's economic development through 9 types of projects. Generally speaking, the leading index will be 6 to 9 months ahead of the real economy profile.  


Refers to accounts with a large number of bitcoins, and tend to be lurking for a long time. As the name suggests, whales are the largest fish in the Bitcoin ocean. The holders of these accounts  are often not referred to individuals, usually investment institutions or trading platforms. Giant whales are in the minority, and most cryptocurrency enthusiasts own less than one Bitcoin. 


It is one of the commonly used slang terms for traders to represent a period of back and forth fluctuations, so that investors can lose money whether they are long or short, and the market is also lost. Its trend often forms a horn pattern with higher highs and lower lows. 


In the world of cryptocurrencies, a whitelist is a list of registered and approved participants who are granted exclusive access to contribute to an initial coin offering (ICO) or pre-sale.  


Official reports issued by certain governments on specific matters, such as diplomacy, politics, etc. The cover is bound on white paper, so it is called a white paper. As an official document, the white paper represents the position of the government. Pays attention to the fact that the facts are clear, the position is clear, the writing is standardized, the text is concise, and there is no literary color. 

Williams %R

A commonly used technical indicator by Larry Williams published it in 1973. This is a swing type of indicator, which measures whether a commodity is overbought or oversold by the swing of the price. The value oscillates between 0 and -100, the closer to 0, the more overbought, the closer to -100, the more oversold.  

WM/Reuters FX Benchmark,

Since the foreign exchange market is mainly traded in the over-counter market, there is no recognized exchange rate price, so that central banks, financial institutions, businesses settle or calculate the performance of their portfolios in different ways. Reuters foreign exchange benchmark is exchange rate of 1994. The year is born out of luck, so that users have an objective and transparent exchange rate benchmark.  

Working Order

If the investor is unable to keep an eye on the market, he can inform the broker of the price of the stop order or limit order, and once it comes to the set price, it will be executed by the investor. Taking the buy limit order as an example, when an investor wants to buy a list of targets and does not have time to look at the order, he can tell the broker how many shares are willing to buy below how many prices, so that when the price comes below the set price, the broker will execute the number of shares to buy the limit on behalf of the broker.  

World Bank

It is an international financial organization with 189 member states. It was established in late 1945 under the Bridon Forest Agreement of 1944 and is headquartered in Washington, D.C. The main purpose of the establishment is to provide permanent loans to assist developing countries in the development of various production equipment and resources.