Trading Glossary

Take a look at our list of the financial terms associated with trading and the markets.

Yard is used to represent the meaning 1 billion. The term is derived from the term "milliard," which is used in some European languages and is equivalent to the number one billion used in American English. 

Yemen Rials

The circulating currency of the Republic of Yemen, code named YER.  


Yield represents the return an investor receives from something like a stock or bond, usually in an annualized fashion. In the case of bonds, investors receive remuneration in the form of coupons, while stocks allow investors to share the company's profits in the form of dividends. 

Yield Chasing

In recent years, central banking governments have pushed long-term bond interest rates to zero or even negative interest rates in response to the financial crisis and the COVID-19 pandemic, causing investors in the market to have to buy assets with risk attributes that are more than they can actually tolerate in order to pursue higher returns. 

Yield Curve

Sorting and connecting the yields of treasury bonds with different maturities in a country according to the long end of the years forms a yield ‘curve’. Since the long-end Treasury yield reflects the bond market's view of the future economy, while the short-end Treasury yield reflects the expected changes in monetary policy, the steepness and flatness of the yield curve reflect the performance of different economic cycles. The yield curve is a, excellent tool for judging economic cycles. 

Yield Curve Control

Refers to controlling the yield of bonds, especially controlling the yield of long-term bonds. Central banks can reduce the yield of long-term bonds by controlling the yield of long-term bonds, so that more cash flows in the market, and the government can ensure that money flows between enterprises, which in turn drives the stock market and economic growth. 

Yugoslavia New Dinars

The currency in circulation in Yugoslavia in the past, code named YUM. It belonged to the defunct European currency.